Wednesday March 27, 2013

Not a ton of action today.  Splash continued to impress last night as did night two of The Voice.  New Girls had its worst episode of the season and someone went home on Dancing With The Stars.

In a shocking development, the Duck Dynasty cast is holding out for more money.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, "[t]he bearded stars of Duck Dynasty are asking for a big pay increase to return to A&E's top-rated series, and the salary standoff is holding up a fourth-season renewal of the show, sources tell THR.

The Robertson family, including brothers Phil and Si and Phil's sons, have seen their outdoorsman empire Duck Commander earn a small fortune thanks in part to notoriety from the hit reality series. Now they have banded together and -- represented by WME -- are angling to renegotiate their existing contracts. Sources close to the negotiation say the family is asking for more than $200,000 an episode from A&E and production company Gurney Productions to return for a fourth season, with additional raises for subsequent seasons."

The article when on to say that "A&E declined comment, but a source says the network does not recoup as much of its investment in its reality stars as some of its competitors, such as Bravo with its post-Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives. A&E owns no stake in the Robertsons' various branding efforts, their duck-call business or any of or their frequent speaking engagements at religious and business events, the latter of which alone have netted them tens of thousands of dollars."  I've seen these network and production company agreements and I'll dispute that assertion whole-heartedly as being patently false.

Moving on . . . I've never watched anything on LOGO, but they're dipping their toe into the scripted world with a new show called Bank.  The premise of the show centers around a Wall Street whistleblower who loses his job and turns to robbing banks in an effort to save his marriage.  Eh.

There's some hullaballoo about The Today Show , again.  New York magazine has a lengthy, yet insightful piece about Matt Lauer, and evidently, Lauer, who has been tied to rumors that he's in line to replace Alex Trebek, is miffed that NBC allegedly approached Anderson Cooper as a possible successor to Lauer.  Sounds like a bunch of musical chairs and hot air.  Didn't Anderson Cooper just shoot a pilot with Kathy Griffin for CNN?  I'm filing this in the "Who Cares?" file right next to what happens with The Tonight Show.

The Real World starts up again tonight.  I was noting yesterday what a sad statement it is that I've seen every single season.  Here's a list ranking every season from worst to best.  London is ranked way too high BTW.

Here's another reminder to continue to watch Happy Endings, which as I've mentioned previously, is moving to Friday nights.

Amen Ice-T.  Amen.