Tuesday March 26, 2013

The Voice premiered last night on NBC and the hope is that this show can do something to resurrect NBC and get it out of the gutter.  Good start.  The new judges fit right in and  more than held their own and this show continues to put forth amazing talent.  I'm a sucker for "audition rounds" on almost any show, but once we get into the competition rounds of this show, I'll stick with it, unlike American Idol.

So Bravo green lit a show called Newlyweds: The First Year back in August of 2011.  Out of the blue, they have announced a premiere date of May 6th.  Just as a refresher, this show will "chart the lives of six American newlywed couples as they navigate personal decisions throughout their first 365 days of matrimony, from their wedding day to their one year anniversary.  Although the couples’ paths never cross, common threads begin to emerge in their stories such as fertility struggles, the merging of finances, cultural differences and family drama."

Jack Black is teaming up with T Group to bring Hide & Seek to television.  For real.  The show looks in on a family who hides in their home, while a celebrity seeks them out. The family may use any means possible to stay hidden, using false walls, costumes and booby traps, in order to win the prize money.

But that's not all . . . the card game UNO is also coming to television.  According to the Gurin Company, which has secured worldwide television rights, “UNO: The Game Show builds on the traditional card game and combines the potential for big money with a fast-paced elimination competition, cool prizes, fun Q&A and, of course, strategy and comedy,  The show will also feature state-of-the-art technology to bring this simple game to viewers around the world.”

Esquire has green lit Knife Fight, a new cooking competition show, hosted by Top Chef season 2 winner Ilan Hall.  Evidently, the 10-episode  series features underground, after-hours cooking bouts between Los Angeles' most exciting chefs at The Gorbals, Hall's downtown restaurant. As the chefs face off, they're cheered and heckled by a crowd, including friends, neighbors, food professionals and celebrities, who serve as judges and timekeepers for each bout. Among them: Drew Barrymore (who also serves as Executive Producer), Elijah Wood, Jason Lee, Bijou Phillips and Erika Christensen.  According to Hall, "it's real chefs cooking in a real kitchen in front of real people," says Hall. "What started as one chef talking smack to another has grown organically into a full-on competition. At the end, it's not about winning and there's no huge prize. These chefs are just pouring their hearts into what goes onto their plates out of a genuine love of food."

I had to read this three times before it finally sunk in: TV legends Betty White, Ed Asner, Doris Roberts and Fred Willard join baseball legends Steve Garvey, Tim Salmon and Jose Canseco on the Hallmark Channel series Who Let the Dogs Out on Friday, March 29 at 1:00 PM. First, Garvey and company head to Angel Stadium of Anaheim for a celebrity softball event to benefit the ALS Association. Then, the gang drives to Dodger Stadium for Bark in the Park, an event where pet owners bring their dogs to the game. Later, the team heads to San Diego for the Petco Foundation Annual Gala where TV legends Betty White and Ed Asner are honored for their commitment to animals. Roberts and Willard also attend.  So many questions . . . . 

Who knew so many people have made caemos on Veronica Mars?