Monday March 25, 2013

I don't watch anything on PBS, but am considering giving 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School a chance tonight.  The series follows the day-to-day stories of students, parents, teachers and staff at the Washington Metropolitan High School (also known as DC Met).  PBS calls the show "an intimate portrait of a public school that attempts to make a difference in the lives of students each and every day."  I'll let you know how this one looks.

In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament, here's a bracket to determine the all-time greatest TV show theme song.

I am in deep on The Americans on FX.  If you are considering jumping in, I would recommend it, but in my opinion it falls very short of Homeland.  That said, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, both of whom are fantastic on the show, have a tradition right out the movie Win Win.  Side note, if you haven't seen Win Win, go watch it STAT.  In any case, if that film, Paul Giamatti, slaps Alex Shaffer in the head right before each wrestling match.  Evidently, Russell does the same thing to Rhys.

I caught the first two episodes of Wicked Single, the first show I've watched on VH1 in quite some time.  This is one of those shows that not a single person I know will watch, and for good reason.  The characters are hideous people and story lines are utterly non-existent.  They make the cast of Jersey Shore appear sophisticated and sane, and THAT is not easy to do.  Check out this cast and try to contain yourself.  Nikki has to be the top ranked member of this crew, especially with such sky high dreams:

"Boston bred and born, Nikki does not hide the fact that she has fantasies about Derek Jeter. Believing that she would be married to a working guy who would support her, Nikki dropped out of college. 

Now 30, Nikki is ready to mingle but still single and unemployed after being laid off by a law firm where she worked as an assistant. 

Aside from her passion to party and find a good man, Nikki also wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a bartender. As long as there are cute Boston guys on the horizon, there is nothing Nikki won't try."

The show Whitney, may be on thin ice.  I freely admit that I watch that show and from time to time it does make me laugh out loud.  I'm also a big fan of Chris D'Elia and his stand up act as well as his 10 Minute Podcast, which I'm certain I've mentioned before.  Whitney co-star Zoe Lister Jones just booked a CBS pilot, becoming the second cast member to do this.  I hope these are back up plans and that NBC picks up the series for another run.

Speaking of podcasts, I cannot speak highly enough of Jeff Garlin's still relatively new By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin.  His laugh is simply amazing, his demeanor is fantastic, and the guests he's had on to date have been great.  Click here to check out the latest episode, which features an hour long sit down with Will Farrell.

Larry David is selling his house.  Not my style, but this is what $15M gets you in the Pacific Palisades.  Jon Bon Jovi is also looking to move a property.  His Manhattan penthouse can be yours for only $42,000,000.