Thursday March 21, 2013

Short and sweet today as the next 4 days will be dedicated to a LOT of college basketball.

Survivor is hitting an early groove.  I'm not usually paying full attention until the merge, but last night's tribe shake up added some more life into an otherwise eventful season (thanks to Brandon Hantz).  The orange tribe (I won't even waste time looking up the tribe's official name) should dominate any and all physical challenges but it will still be interesting to see how long purple keeps Phillip and whether the timing of the merge is moved around by the producers.  Kudos to this show for continuing to stay entertaining despite 25 seasons of rote format.

If you're a fan of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Game of Thrones, click on this link and watch Rob McElhenney interview the cast of the HBO hit, which premieres next Sunday.

I'm reading far too many headlines about Jay Leno and his NBC bashing and his heir apparent, Jimmy Fallon.  If and when the torch is going to be passed, put out a statement.  Until then, enough wasting our time.  If you're compelled to keep reading about this development, check out Andy Greenwald's story on why he does not think Jimmy Fallon is ready to take over the reins of The Tonight Show.

Here's another article paving the way for the end of broadcast television, DirecTV, etc.  I don't envision a time where I'm watching all of my favorite shows on my computer or any other device, but it sure seems the notion of it won't go away any time soon.

I found this article somewhat interesting.  MillerCoors has struck a product placement deal with all shows on TBS and TNT such that the only beer that you'll see consumed on any show on either network will be one of the MillerCoors brands.  Now, I'm sure this wasn't a cheap product placement deal, so how come I can't get them to pony up any extra coin for the show on which I'm working with the brand??

It's almost tip-off time . . . .