Thursday March 14, 2013

Brandon Hantz.  Wow.  A breakdown of epic proportion last night on an unprecedented episode of Survivor.  In case you missed it, here's what happened (spoiler alert): Brandon Hantz, relative of infamous Survivor alum Russell Hantz, reached his wits' end with fellow player Phillip Sheppard.  He felt disrespected by Phillip and simply had had enough.  I can't say I blame him as Phillip deserved much of what Brandon threw at him.  Where I don't agree with Brandon's antics was when he decided to give his tribe (although he directed it solely at Phillip) a reason to vote him out by dumping out the tribe's supply of rice and beans, knocking over a lounge chair and screaming at Phillip down the beach.  

Upon arriving at the immunity challenge, Brandon continued to go off on Phillip telling him to "shut up" at least a dozen times, stepping off the mat and addressing the other tribe until finally being called over by Jeff Probst to stand next to him.  Jeff's sole motivation for moving Brandon next to him was to keep Brandon from tearing Phillip's head off and via an intense shoulder and neck massage from Jeff and some parental like coaching from Jeff, Brandon calmed down and no violence ensued.

In an unprecedented fashion, Probst called for Tribal Council right then and there and they had an open vote during which each member of Brandon's tribe voted him out one by one and right to his face.  I've read a few blurbs this morning that called the scene by Brandon "uncomfortable" or "difficult to watch" or "psychotic" but I found it interesting, sad and invigorating.  I was rooting for Brandon to knock Phillip's teeth down his throat and am sorry that didn't happen.

You can watch the full episode here and see the tirade for yourself if you're so inclined.

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Brandon during which he says that his only regret has nothing to do with throwing out the food or verbally attacking Phillip, but is the point where he momentarily thought about quitting because he missed his family. He stands by everything else. He also insists there is no need for concern about his emotional or psychological state.  Listen to the entire interview here.

Rob Cesternino also caught up with Hantz.  Listen to that interview here.

Ever wonder what happened to former American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar?  Me neither, but here's your answer: he's singing for money in a New York Subway station.  See for yourself here.

The Sing Off is coming back to NBC.  Come on folks, get it together.

Here's a good one for you: Oxygen has green lit Bad Girls All-Star Battle which will be hosted by none other than Ray J.  I'll admit it, I used to watch The Bad Girls Club but gave up on it a few seasons back.  If this doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will:

From Oxygen: Hosted by musician, actor and heartthrob Ray J, this one hour series will pit 14 of the biggest names in Bad Girls Club” history under one roof to compete for $100,000 and title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”  In addition, the network announced Season 11 of “Bad Girls Club” will return to Miami for a Summer 2013 premiere.  In its tenth season to date, “Bad Girls Club” ranks as the #1 most social cable reality show in primetime and positions Oxygen as the #2 cable network in the 8 pm hour among women 18-34. The season premiere (1/15/13) delivered over 2.0 million total viewers on a Live + 7 basis.