Tuesday March 12, 2013

The Walking Dead was a snoozefest this week.  The confrontation between Rick and The Governor dragged on for too long and nothing of consequence happened until the very last scene, which was overrun by a horrible soundtrack.  I am tending to agree with Grantland.com's Andy Greenwald that this show is on a road to nowhere.  There is no end to the situation that those left on Earth are facing so why do we care?  When does Mad Men start already?  The answer is April 7, check out the season 6 poster here.

Girls continues to pique my interest.  The show has truly pushed the envelope this season.  From the episode featuring Hannah's adventure with Patrick Wilson to this week's sexcapades featuring Adam and Natlia as well as Charlie and Marnie.  The show is once again under fire for the "horrifying" borderline assault/rape scene.  I didn't see it as such and again, what I take away from this show is that evokes emotion and discussion, something that cannot be said for most of what's being pumped over the airwaves today.

I continue to get a kick out of House of Lies on Showtime.  Great cameos, interesting story lines, solid characters and acting.  I've pimped this show in the past and will continue to implore you to get behind it so that it sticks around for a while.

NBC is dipping its toe into the home improvement space with a new Nate Berkus project entitled Renovation Nation.  According to Deadline, the show a home makeover competition series hosted and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey protege Berkus, who will also serve as judge and advocate, mentoring the contestants week to week. On the series, two teams tackle two new homes each week. In every episode, Berkus will present contestants with extensive design and build challenges. The contestants will be evaluated by Berkus and his team of experts to determine which team did the best. The winning team will be safe from elimination and the losing team will have to chose who to send home.  Viewers will be able to tour the homes virtually and purchase specific items that are featured in that episode. In addition, weekly prizes will be given away to viewers, ranging from luxury household items to home makeovers and cold hard cash. The series will conclude in a live finale, where viewers will vote to determine the winner and two dream homes will be given away to two lucky viewers.  

You know I'm a big fan of this genre and I'm happy to see the networks are not turning their backs on it as it's not going anywhere any time soon.

So Sean Lowe chose his bride to be and low and behold it was Catherine Guidi.  I don't read ANY spoilers so this was all news to me.  The couple has announced that it plans to squeeze every last drop out of this 10 minutes of fame by marrying on television.  Terrific.  Sean evidently isn't ready to step out of the spotlight because, as expected, he announced that he will be joining the horrific cast of Dancing With The Stars.  His presence does nothing to make that cast any better.

Just as we're saying goodbye to one lousy cooking show, we're welcoming back another one.  The Taste finally crowns a winner tonight.  I've watched every episode and still couldn't tell you any of the names of any of the finalists.  On the flip side, Hell's Kitchen returns tonight.  When is FOX going to pull the plug on this franchise?  Has there been anything dynamic to happen on that show over the last 10 seasons?  Have any of the winners gone on to greatness?  I'll answer both with a resounding NO.

And if anyone can answer for me why shows like Hell's Kitchen or The Celebrity Apprentice need to run for 2 hours weekly, there's a prize in it for you. . . .