Friday, March 1, 2013

Rest in peace Bonnie Franklin.

The point of this blog is definitely not to burst your bubble when it comes to reality shows, but here's something I noticed while watching Selling LA on HGTV.  The female broker looked very familiar to me and as it turns out I know her and have worked with her during her previous career as a sports agent.  She was showing a property that was billed as a fit for an athlete.  As her story arc on the show moved forward, she set up a couple of meetings, including one with a sports agent at an agency that seemingly does not exist (the website is a generic GoDaddy page) . . . oh and by the way, that "sports agent" was her husband!  I appreciate the tasks faced by producers, but even if I didn't know this sports agent turned real estate broker, the last named she shared with this other "sports agent" was a give away of some sloppy ass producing.  Nevertheless, I'll continue to watch this show every week . . . . 

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming back to television.

This article taught me a few things that I certainly did not know

Another Bachelor cheating scandal?  According the Star, Sean Lowe is two-timing his yet to be announced finacee with former almost fling Emily.  I know, who cares?

A little birdie passed on some of the happenings on the set of ABC's upcoming diving show Splash.  Evidently, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's "manager" has been on set creating quite a stir.  She's been berating PAs and has only further buried herself as one of the most difficult talent managers to work with in this business.  Here's Opie and Anthony's recent take on her.  Fast forward to about to 30-minute mark.  Here's another story from the Ripoff Report that might give you a further glimpse into the woman who serves as the NBA's All-Time leading scorer's manager or publicist.

Outside of the Kareem drama, word is that the contestants are all doing very well and based on the promos, I have very high hopes for this show staying on the air for many seasons.  In light of Dancing With The Stars worst talent lineup in recent memory, Splash may be just what ABC needs at just the right time.  Smart money says that Rory Bushfield wins Splash by a country mile.

The CW has finally pulled the plug on 90210.  I don't know anyone who was still watching this show (probably why it's getting canceled), but in honor the show's cancellation, Donna Martin graduates.

Plastic Wives is the latest gold mine for TLC?  This video should answer that question with a resounding NO.

The fact that Zoanette Johnson has made it this far and is still alive and kicking on this season of American Idol is an embarrassment to the entire franchise.  This performance alone should have sent her packing, but for some reason the judges convinced themselves that she is worth taking along for the ride.  It's shameful that she is taking the spot of someone who might actually be able to sing.