Wednesday February 27, 2013

I feel as if I don't know another person out there who watches The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.  I'm inclined to say that's a shame especially after the lunacy that was last night's episode.  As a native Chicagoan it stirred up feelings of immense disdain to see this Bradley Kramer kid (click the link so you can see the "viewing party" that he threw for his infamous appearance on the show) representing my home town.  We've certainly seen a fair number of douches on this show, but this guy seemingly set a new bar.  The other story line on last night's episode was a 35 year-old New Yorker who was making her return to the show.  Let me just say that she's obsessed with Hello Kitty and the color pink and didn't exactly hold her liquor well the last time around.  If you see the repeat of last night's episode on your guide, tune in just for a minute if for no other reason than to really feel much better about yourself.

Right on cue, Justified picked up the pace a bit this week with more slaughterings in an hour than we'd see all season.  I'm not suggesting that wetting a home or taking people out makes for great TV, but last night's episode was this season's best.  **Spoiler alert: Arlo's passing was long overdue and we seem to be on the goal line in terms of finding out who Drew Thompson really is.  By the way, Stanley Larsen (Brent Sexton) started his arc, as did Mike O'Malley.

I'm in the midst of working on a project to cast a host for a cable network show.  A bit of insight into the process for those curious. . . . So I typically will submit a list of names for consideration based on the parameters of the show, the taping schedule, and the budget.  That list is whittled down to a few candidates who the network "approves."  I am then tasked with putting out "inquiries" to the top candidates on the network's list.  This is where it can get dicey because talent wants to feel wanted and an inquiry is not an offer.  The risk becomes not getting a response, not getting taken seriously, etc. by the talent (which is why it helps to have good relationships).  The other wrench that gets thrown into the process is that the decision makers often change their tune regarding talent by the day (or hour) such that the person atop the list on Tuesday could very well be off the list by Wednesday.  Ultimately, however, the network calls the shots and our job as producers is to make sure to deliver to them a host and cast that they want and that can provide them with a return on their investment.

Congratulations to Pete Holmes for getting his own late night talk show.  I'm not sure how he'll rate, but it's great to see a comedian like Pete getting a real chance to shine (hopefully).  Pete's show falls under the Conan O'Brien banner so there's certainly a little muscle behind it.

Please take a moment to read this article about Bravo TV's Jeff Lewis.  It's a great and accurate take on what he's all about.  Having worked with him on several occasions in the past, I concur whole-heartedly with the opinions in this piece.

One more interesting piece to pass along from Alan Sepinwall.  This one is an inside look at what goes on in the writing room for the show New Girl.