Tuesday February 26, 2013

Bachelor Sean Lowe, who turned down an offer to appear on Splash opting instead to appear on the next cycle of Dancing With The Stars, whittled his final three to the final two remaining women: Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici.  I do not read spoilers and I don't follow any of those infamous Bachelor insiders, so I was surprised with Sean's decision to dismiss AshLee.  I was convinced she was the next Bachelor contestant to get engaged only to subsequently break up a few months later.  At this point, my money is on Lindsay.  I wish I'd have put some money on that on day one when she walked in wearing a wedding dress.

On the heels of the best episode of the season, it appears as if Rules of Engagement is officially coming to an end.  While the show has not been canceled, the fact that Adhir Kaylan (who plays Timmy) has signed on to play the lead on Greg Daniel's new comedy for NBC.  This news comes a few weeks after Patrick Warburton (who plays Jeff; click the link for a compilation of David Puddy scenes) signed on to star in a pilot of his own.  Fortunately the show will continue to run in syndication.

Season one of Vanderpump Rules came to an end last night and now I know why I didn't run into Jax (real name Jason, which he revealed last night).  In a Johnny Fairplay-esque manner, Jax lied to the faces of all of his best friends to the point that they not only believed him, but took his side and shunned his ex-girlfriend Staasi.  Kudos Jax, you've put yourself in contention for the biggest scumbag in reality TV in recent memory.

Yesterday, I mentioned the booking of Jacoby Jones on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.  The remainder of the cast was finally revealed.  I think we can safely assume that this show is as good as done after this list of "stars" was announced.  Brace yourself and try to contain your excitement:

Wynonna Judd

D.L. Hughley

Jacoby Jones 

Lisa Vanderpump

Andy Dick

Victor Ortiz (he's a professional boxer)

Zendaya Coleman (she's a "multi-talented actress and singer")

Aly Raisman (she's an Olympic gymnast)

Ingo Rademache (coincidentally, he plays Jax on General Hospital)

Kellie Pickler (remember her from American Idol?)

Dorothy Hamill 

Do yourself a favor, bag this show and tune into Splash on ABC premiering March 19 @ 8:00 PM ET