Sunday Musings

I'm a big fan of the show Justified, but have to admit that the pace of the show sometimes has me reaching for my computer to check news and notes from around the hot stove league.

I'm one episode behind on The Joe Schmo Show, but continue to tip my cap to my friend John Moore for amazing casting and writing.  Follow him on Twitter @jhollandmoore for some very smart and witty posts.

I know this blog is about TV, but I recently saw a movie worth checking out: Celeste and Jesse Forever.  It stars SNL's Andy Samberg and Parks & Recs' Rashida Jones with cameos from Whitney's Chris D'Elia and even one scene with Alice Eve from She's Out Of My League and Entourage (she had a story arc on the last season).  I can think of many far worse ways to spend 90 minutes.

Speaking of Chris D'Elia, I highly recommend his Ten Minute Podcas that he does with Bryan Callen (who you'll know from The Hangover and The Hangover Part 2) and Will Sasso (who you might know from The Three Stooges movie and as the guy who played the brawling bartender at McLaren's on How I Met Your Mother).  The podcast is pretty self-explanatory.  The three of them banter for exactly 10 minutes.  It's amongst my favorites.

I finally caught up on Southie Rules last night and the pure stupidity of this show makes me laugh.  One note to the producers: instead of just having Jenn change her pants for the on the couch interviews, I'd suggest having her change her shirt as well.  If you pay any attention, you'll notice that she does on camera interviews wearing the exact same shirt with pants that are gray in one scene, blue in another, brown in a third and even red for good measure.  I'm sure the budget for wardrobe is thin, but I have to imagine Jenn owns more than 2 shirts.

I'm back to being lukewarm on Washington Heights on MTV.  I was into the show from the start but it's become stale and somewhat boring.  The slam poetry that Frankie spews has me fast forwarding right through scenes.  Not sure how much long I give this one. . . .