Thursday December 5, 2013

Arguably the best Tribal Council last night on Survivor in years, if not ever.  Says Jeff Probst, "[w]e’ve had a handful of tribals in the past where there was a brief discussion about drawing rocks but I never believed it was going to happen.  I felt the same way this time as tribal started.  Ciera seemed very locked into her decision to stick with her alliance.  But Hayden, who had nothing to lose, went for broke and once he got Ciera thinking, you could feel the momentum shifting.  It also didn’t help that her alliance kept referring to her as 'number four.'  I loved the move by Hayden.  That is how you have to play if you are not in control – you have to make a bold move in the hopes that you can shake up the game.  I’m not sure what Tyson was thinking but he had to be worried.  To work that hard and then leave it up to fate – is so risky.  The 'rock draw' literally had a million dollars attached to it – the question is… for who?"  Insane.

Patti Stanger is back tonight with a new season of The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Bravo also premieres Courtney Loves Dallas tonight, which it describes as follows:

"Courtney Kerr, breakout star of Most Eligible Dallas, navigates the lively Dallas social scene, while building a brand new career in this docu-series. This season follows Courtney through an emotional rollercoaster ride as she juggles her search for the perfect southern gentleman and a fast moving fashion career filled with amazing opportunities. After having her heart broken by best friend, Matt Nordgren, Courtney continues to try to find the love of her life. Love life aside, Courtney took a leap of faith by quitting her stable job in fashion retail to pursue her exploding fashion blog full-time hoping to make her mark on the industry she’s obsessed with. Courtney is also faced with shocking news that her mother may have a cancer, which only strengthens her bonds with her family and best friend, Tori. However, as Courtney’s career rides high, she neglects important friends and proves that having it all sure isn’t easy."

Some real winners announced:

Per Deadline, "[c]elebrity blogger Perez Hilton is teaming up with Bunim/Murray Productions to develop and star in Gay Dads Of New York. Set in New York City, the reality docu-series will follow Hilton, who recently became a single father, and a group of gay dads, single and married, as they support each other through the ups and downs of raising children. Bunim/Murray is currently casting the series."  

Per THR, "Oscar-nominated Boyz n the Hood writer-director-producer is developing drama Club Life: Miami with Russell Simmons at HBO, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"Club Life: Miami is set against the South Beach club scene and follows a reformed criminal who moves to Miami and gains a new lease on life as he embraces the vibrant, youthful and transgressive world. Singleton will write and executive produce the project. Simmons also is on board to executive produce Club Life via his overall deal with the premium cable network."

Pam Grier is set to star in an action drama for Entertainment One. Written by Bennie Richburg, the project follows an ex-Homeland Security agent (Grier) who is pulled out of retirement to lead a young but highly qualified team of “shoot first, ask questions later” agents. They are on a trail of homegrown domestic terrorists who have set about to bring anarchy to the heartland of the United States and have to stop them before it is too late.

Who's making decisions at these networks??

The World's Greatest Tribute Bands returns for a third season on AXS TV. New acts will include tributes to Prince, Garth Brooks and the Beastie Boys, starting Monday, January 6.  Wait, there have already been two seasons of this show?  Can we watch them on-line??

TVLine sat down for an interview with Scandal's Jeff Perry.

Check out the real "Alpha House."  It's pretty nasty.  And you should be watching the show on Amazon (along with Betas).

Preliminary info on the women vying for the heart of Juan Pablo on the upcoming season of The Bachelor has been released.  In the event you simply just can't wait . . . .

The line between fact and fiction is really blurry these days.  Check out this story about New York Magazine's Alex Mann and his night out with Bill Murray.