Tuesday December 3, 2013

In defense of this season of Homeland.

Yes, ABC should finally put an end to Dancing With The Stars.

I ripped on ABC yesterday and for good reason.  E! reports that "Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter are looking to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss withBachelor nation!

"Appearing on Good Morning America on Monday to plug her new book Happily Ever After, the original Bachelorette announced that she and her hubby plan to renew their vows in a primetime special ABC will air on Jan. 19.

"The occasion will be part of 'Juan-uary,' the network's series of four different specials to hype current fan favorite Juan Pablo Galavis' upcoming stint as the new Bachelor.

Seriously, someone needs to be fired really really soon.

"Dan Hedaya played Cher's dad in Clueless, Nick's dad on Family Ties, and Monk's dad onMonk. And now Vulture can break the news that the legendary character actor has signed on for another important paternal part: He'll play Danny's dad on an upcoming episode of The Mindy Project."

150 2014 midseason premiere dates, finale dates, etc.  FYI, he Walking Dead will be back on February 9.

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead drew 12.1 million viewers on Sunday.  Buzzfeed argues that you should stop watching this show.

TNT and Mob City will be tweeting the screenplay of the first episode before it airs.  "The Twitter account @MobCityTNT will transport followers back to the crime world of gritty 1940s-era Los Angeles, 140 characters at a time. The posts will leave off just before the end of the debut episode, with a startling development awaiting viewers Wednesday when the series debuts at 9 p.m. Eastern.

"Mob City is from writer-director-executive producer Frank Darabont, who previously helmed The Walking Dead. It stars former Walking Dead regular Jon Bernthal.

Is anyone else enjoying season 2 of Vanderpump Rules, or is it just me?

It appears Lindsay Lohan finds a similarity between herself and one or more blondes portrayed in Grand Theft Auto V.  TMZ writes that LiLo is taking legal action over parts of the game that she feels appropriate her persona — quests like helping a starlet escape the paparazzi and photographing another starlet having sex at the Chateau Marmont. GTA Vmade $1 billion within its first three days in stores.

I despise Kanye and Kim but their new house is something to behold.  "The $11m spread - which is 9,000 square feet and has five bedrooms - is still very much under construction with exposed wood beams and concrete floors."

"In 2011, the Weinstein Company announced the launch of a TV division, hoping to develop a future for the production powerhouse on the small screen the same way it had planned one for the big screen the year before: by taking all its old hits and rehashing them, either as sequels, spinoffs, or TV adaptations. It’s so far made good on that with projects like Bad Santa 2 and shows based on Scream and From Dusk Till Dawn, and in this New York Times profile, Bob and Harvey Weinstein now say they’re prepared to do the same for Sin CityThe Mist, and Silver Linings Playbook—all of which they feel have the potential to help “add stability to the company,” presumably by putting its film and television divisions to work on homogenous product."