Friday November 8, 2013

Grantland 's Andy Greenwald wrote two pieces this week, the first of which essentially tore down television today and plainly painted the picture that the Golden Age is in its demise and original ideas are few and far between, etc.  I don't whole-heartedly disagree, but these words written by Greenwald, really tell the story of TV today and why I'm so passionate about it:

"TV, in 2013, has entered uncharted territory. It has transcended its medium and been accepted as an art form all its own. TV now lives on our phones and our computers; we watch it on tablets and stream it through boxes. Never before has it commanded so much respect; at no time in its history has it been so breathlessly considered, so unabashedly embraced. There may be fewer and fewer things to love, but there have never been more shows worthy of our like. The sheer quantity of options can, on a busy Sunday night, mask the dwindling amount of quality."

To that, I say amen. 

Now, Greenwald's second article delved into Fox's amazingly still-on-the-air Dads.  He so eloquently opined "Dads doesn't just make me feel bad about being a television critic. It makes me feel bad about owning a television."  If you don't watch this show, this article will ensure it stays that way.  If you do watch that show (Lord help you), enjoy the read.

There you are Craig Kilborn!   That's a link to Kilborn guest hosting The Artie Lange Show.  You remember Kilborn for almost turning into a huge star, right?  He was a very popular anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter, then went on to host The Daily Show  before it got good.  Then he had his own late night talk show which is now hosted by Craig Ferguson.  He also made a great cameo in Old School .  Today, he's serving as a guest host and filling the seat of Artie Lange?!?  The last entry on his IMBD page is the short-lived show The Kilborn File which went off the air in 2010.  

Speaking of The Daily Show, if you're not watching or DVR'ing this show, you're doing yourself a disservice.  Jon Stewart is hilarious and the shows are still worth watching a few days after they air.  There is a very good reason this show won an Emmy 10 straight years.  Stewart has been doing an amazing job on the Toronto Mayor controversy, which, thanks to videos like this, where he apparently wants to kill someone, shouldn't die any time soon.  Here's what Stewart had to say on the subject last night.

Per Vulture, "[a]ccording to Nielsen, Scandal’s audience is overwhelmingly female. Like, Lifetime-TV female. Last season, just 26 percent of Scandal viewers ages 18 to 49 were men. That’s even lower than ABC’s other lady-centric dramas, RevengeOnce Upon a Time, and Nashville."  The article goes on to suggest why the show is appealing to men.  I have watched every episode of the series and am pretty surprised at the demographics, but hey, if you need 6 reasons to get you to tune in, click here

Recently eliminated Survivor contestant John Cody weighs in here on whether or not he thought that last elimination challenge at Redemption Island was fair.  

NBC is planning to air Richard Branson's first commercial Virgin Galactic flight across all their properties — including the Weather Channel — "culminating in a three-hour live event on NBC's Today."  

 Martin Starr is joining The Goldbergs.

Carlos Danger will be appearing on Bill Maher tonight.

Bob Odenkirk doesn't understand why people think he's talented

Marc Maron interviewed Orange Is The New Black's Natasha Lyonne.  It's long, but worth a listen.