Wednesday November 6, 2013

I don't know how I forgot to talk about this yesterday, but Monday night marked the return of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, a guilty pleasure of mine.  Season 2 didn't kick off with a ton of fireworks and was a very soft re-entry episode to say the least.  We caught up on the fact that [SPOILERS] Tom cheated on Kristen, Jax got his job back and is chasing Stassi around like a lost puppy dog, Scheana had oral surgery and no one called her and Katie made a huge mistake changing the color of her hair.  We can only improve from here . . . . 

Here's an interview Stassi in case you care to know what she thinks about dating and what the rest of her cast mates like to eat.   I'll save you the trouble of clicking: "I love meat. Definitely not a vegan! A couple of us really like juices, but I don't, like, drink the juice instead of a meal. I feel like all of the drinking that I do and the bad things that I'm putting in my body, it's like somehow balancing out."

They're rebooting Roots.  Enough already with the reboots.

Damon Wayans, Jr. returned to New Girl last night.  Here's a little more of the back story about Wayans leaving the show (due to his contractual commitment to ABC's Happy Endings) after shooting the pilot episode, and his return.

Per Deadline, "Fox has bought a drama pitch from Eureka co-creator Jaime Paglia and former Fox comedy executive-turned-producer Marcus Wiley through Wiley’s first-look deal at the network. Based on an idea by Paglia and his producing partner James Middleton (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Pomona Kings is the saga of two rival families, one white and one Latino, who vie for power and prestige in the world of custom car shops and drag racing in Southern California. Told through the star-crossed romance of the prodigal son and drag-racing daughter of the warring family patriarchs, they must navigate a world of rival gangs, car theft rings, gambling and corruption, to escape their humble beginnings and make a future of their own."

I'll remind you again as the date nears, but FX announced that Justified is returning on January 7.  Speaking of which, Timothy Olyphant was tremendous on The Mindy Project  last night.

In Norway, 1.3 million people watched knitting on television for 12 hours.  Don't worry, that concept of Slow TV is coming to the States.  "LA-based indie LMNO Productions has acquired the U.S. remake rights to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK’s Slow TV format, from distributor DRG.

"The format, which debuted on NRK in 2011, uses fixed cameras to continuously film and air a single event, such as a seven-hour train ride, 18 hours of salmon fishing, and a 134-hour cruise along the Norwegian coast (pictured), in real time."

I can't wait!! 

Who knew that Seinfeld had such amazing healing powers?

Did you realize this was Marilyn Manson on this most recent episode of Eastbound & Down?  BTW, this has been a fantastic season so far and HBO has put a great Sunday night hour together with Eastbound  and Hello Ladies.

Per TMZ, "Amish Mafia star Esther Schmucker was allegedly beaten to a pulp by her boyfriend last week in Pennsylvania -- suffering a facial fracture, broken nose, and more -- and now police are trying to track the man down."

EW interviewed current Survivor  contestants Aras and Vytas.

Would you pay $220 for one scoop of ice cream?  What if it glowed in the dark?  Yeah, me neither. 

Rest in peace Charlie Trotter