Thursday November 21, 2013

"I would like to talk to you . . . about . . . some of the things . . . that you do in your show."  Bill Cosby was at it again, this time chastising Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Tuesday for cursing at a recent benefit at which the two appeared together.  Cosby had the nerve to spew the following codswallop: “[w]hat you have you to understand, Jonathan: from whenst I cometh, when people cursed, the next thing that was gonna happen was somebody was gonna hit you. See, now there’s a whole new culture. People curse and they laugh. But for me, when you were cursing, I started crying.'”

In honor of 4 Pearl Jam shows in the next 6 nights, here is the full interview of the band recently conducted by Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein.  Enjoy.

Cool story about the secrecy behind casting Khandi Alexander as Olivia Pope's mom on Scandal.  She also did an interview with E! where she talked about meeting Lisa Kudrow, which evidently was a big thrill.

Vulture has a complete list of Ruxin put downs on The League, which wrapped up another fantastic season last night.  

The entire cast of The League sat down for a roundtable discussion with The Daily Beast.  If you're a fan of the show, this is worth the read.

Another list for you.  This is a list of 12 spinoffs that should have never happened (e.g.Baywatch NightsThe Bradys, etc.)

99% chance I'm in on this one?  "NBC has bought the script for Two to Go, a comedy about two single guys surrounded by their friends’ kids, from executive producer Jason Bateman and two writers of MTV’s The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

"Writers Bryan Shukoff and Kevin Chesley will executive produce with the Arrested Development star and James Garavente through Bateman’s Aggregate Films. The Universal Television project follows the last two singles in a group of friends moving into marriage and parenthood. They barhop Friday nights, and moon bounce with their friends’ children on Saturday mornings."

I watched the David Blaine special that aired on ABC earlier this week.  Say what you will, but this guy has mastered sleight of hand (also the name of a Pearl Jam song; see what I did there?)

Do I need to start watching Person Of Interest?  I'm seeing a lot of headlines about this "shocking twist."

Seems like more and more people are nitpicking New Girl this season.  I understand the role of the critic to overanalyze and 30-minute mindless sitcom, but please find another tree up which to bark.

Jeff Probst's thoughts on Monica and Ciera's moves on Survivor last night.  

Non-TV related, but here are 15 things Buzzfeed says you probably didn't know about the film Good Will Hunting.  I did not know any of those 15 things myself.

Here's an argument for Hulu's Behind The Mask being the best new reality show out there.  It's already been renewed for a 2nd season.

Here is a review of Sarah Silverman's new comedy special on HBO.  She was great on Howard Stern yesterday.

Want to get someone a Breaking Bad themed gift for the holidays?  Some pretty good ones in there.