Monday November 4, 2013

Homeland  is close to finding it's groove, but isn't quite there yet in my opinion.  The story lines seem to be just about to reach the pinnacle but then stop just short.  A couple of other points: (1) can they revamp the opening credits because they're unwatchable? and (2) I'm over Dana's stupid story line.  She didn't bother me until last night.  The name change, the move out, enough.  Go away.

Rolling Stone  doesn't think the story lines are close to hitting [SPOILERS}: "[i]t's a shame, in part because Homeland could really use an unimpeachable storyline right about now. I don't care how funny the image a drawer full of positive pregnancy tests was – and it was pretty freaking funny – but giving Carrie a pregnancy plot to handle on top of everything else was this show at its soapiest, and most baffling. (Though I guess it explains how she remembered the address of her red-headed one-night-stand: She'd have to find out where to collect child support.) And the Dana material is as inert as ever: The well-meaning religious busybody at the government office who intrusively asks to pray for her and her family was a fine little detail, but not enough to make this Lifetime-movie storyline worth the screentime. If only the whole family could change their names, move in with friends, and stay out of our faces."

Grantland 's Andy Greenwald doesn't disagree with Rolling Stone: "[t]his third season is now officially halfway done and I still have absolutely no idea what it's about. No, it's worse than that: I have no idea what Homeland is about anymore, full stop. The first season wrestled with a fascinating question about loyalty and betrayal. The second season wrestled with the fallout from punting on the answer of the previous question. The third season still feels as if it's merely playing out the string.  Who are these people anyway? Carrie, Saul, and Quinn have no lives, no friends, no apparent hopes or dreams."

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you should really watch Aziz Ansari's new stand up special  Buried Alive ASAP.  It's full of great material, as expected. 

I think Jenni Farley's fiancee, Roger Mathews, and I would really hit it off. 

The White House Correspondent's Dinner portrayed on Scandal  wasn't entirely accurate.  Is that unexpected?  Is that wrong?  US News & World Report thinks so.

Other harsh critics are suggesting that Kerry Washington is a sell out for hosting Saturday Night Live.  The LA Times suggests that "Washington is giving her name and talent to a show that has come under fire from within its ranks and from outside observers for its lack of diversity, especially its lack of African American females in its cast."  Gimmie a break.  

 I tried to watch her on SNL and didn't make it through the first skit after the opening credits.  Absolutely unwatchable, sorry.  Evidently, I was in the minority as the show  averaged a 4.9/12 in the metered market households, a season high and the show’s best result since March 9 when Justin Timberlake was headliner. 

Per Vulture, "[g]reat news for fans of good TV: ABC has given full-season orders to freshmen comedies The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife, picking up nine more episodes of the Tuesday night shows. The Alphabet network has also ordered four more episodes of the Rebel Wilson-led Super Fun Night. All three shows have been doing respectable, though not great, ratings. The news is not so good for ABC's fourth new fall comedy, Back in the Game: The network has decided against greenlighting any more episodes of the James Caan family comedy beyond the 13 it initially ordered. "

Check out this TV addicts map

The FCC is supposedly considering eliminating blackout rules for sporting events

I love Parentood and have never missed an episode, but I wouldn't mind seeing the writers to a little bit of tightening up as I reflected on the notion that Adam isn't qualified to start a record label, Kristina isn't qualified to be the Mayor of Berkley and Sarah clearly isn't qualified to serve as a building super.  Cry on.

I must get some pleasure out of torturing myself because I am still watching Alaskan Women Looking For Love.  Is anyone else out there watching this nonsense?

I'm a sucker for a good cameo so this should be fun: "[f]or an upcoming episode titled Under Pressure,  Modern Family  is packing in the guest stars.  EW has learned that Jesse Eisenberg, Jane Krakowski and John Benjamin Hickey will be featured in the installment of ABC’s hit family comedy. 30 Rock alum Krakowski plays 'Dr. Donna,' a mean-spirited mother of a classmate of Manny (Rico Rodriguez) who winds up sparring with Gloria (Sofia Vergara).   The Social Network‘s Eisenberg will assume the role of Asher, an eco-nut who is a neighbor of Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet), while Hickey (The Big C, The Normal Heart) serves as a therapist to a member of the Dunphy family.

Under Pressure starts filming next week and is tentatively slated to air early next year."

 Amazon will premiere Alpha House (a John Goodman–led comedy about a frat house of senators) and Betas (a John Daly–led comedy about start-up nerds in start-up land) this month. You'll get three free episodes of each (the pilots are already streaming), starting withAlpha House on November 15 and Betas on the 22nd, and then you'll have to sign up for Amazon Prime to see the rest. Unlike Netflix, Amazon will roll out new episodes week-to-week, instead of dropping them in a binge-ready storm.