Wednesday November 20, 2013

"Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade has sold a sitcom to Fox based on his life as an NBA star and single father to two boys.

"The show, which is currently in development, will be called Three the Hard Way.  It will feature a character named Daryl Wade, who is an NBA superstar responsible for raising his two sons as a single parent.

"The show is described as Wade and 'his entourage of eccentric friends, find themselves parenting by committee, when he gets full custody of his two young sons. It's a recipe made for disaster, but no matter how misinformed, misguided, or unfit Team Wade may be, they have a trump card that can't lose. It's called love.'"

Per Variety, "MTV will be scrubbing out certain elements of Scrubbing In, after nonprofit nursing organizations decried the reality show’s sudsy depiction of nurses both in and out of the field.

"Not only will the net be editing the remaining Scrubbing In segs to include more clinical scenes that highlight nursing skills, but MTV has also moved the show from its primetime lineup to midnight, where viewership will be decreased."  Lame.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is still on the air?

USA has cancelled Unnecessary Roughness.  RIP.

ABC is adding a new comedy to the mix this winter.  They will premiere Mixology, in the Wednesday 9:30 PM slot behind Modern Family. The "high-concept" series, which takes place at a bar over the course of one night and features a 10-member core cast, will premiere on February 26.

I caught the premiere of Esquire's Risky Listing.  This is some pretty bad television.  It's a low-brow commercial real estate version of Million Dollar Listing.  The commissions over which two of the brokers were fighting and cursing at one another was around $9,000.  And BTW, Esquire on DirecTV is not in HD so it's borderline unwatchable in its own right.

On the heels of last night's premieres, Esquire trots out two new shows tonight: How I Rock It and Alternate Route.  I saw a promo for How I Rock It, which is a fashion show featuring retired NBA point guard Baron Davis.  It looks unwatchable.  Alternate Route might actually sound worse to you (it does to me): "[t]he great American road trip meets the modern era as photojournalist and blogger Matt Hranek (The William Brown Project) hits the road in search of people, places and objects that embody the timeless American spirit."

Here's an interview with The Mindy Project's Ike Barinholtz, who is also a writer on the show, FYI.

Per Deadline, "Meredith Stiehm, one of the key original members of Homeland‘s A-list writing team, is returning to the Emmy-winning terrorism drama full-time, resuming her previous duties as executive producer. A deal with Homelandproducer Fox 21, which also includes a development component, covers Stiehm’s services as executive producer on Homeland for Season 4, which was recently ordered by Showtime, and Season 5. Stiehm left Homelandafter the second season to focus on the FX drama seriesThe Bridge, which she developed with Elwood Reid, with the two executive producing and running the first season. Stiehm will continue to be involved with The Bridge as an executive producer and is co-writing the Season 2 premiere with Reid, who is expected to take over day-to-day-responsibilities."

Here's a little preview of season 2 of Orange Is The New Black.  

Per Deadline, Fox is developing Wunderland, a comedy from Jack Black's Electric Dynamite, about life behind the scenes at a theme park. Diablo Cody (Juno) will EP with Black and Priyanka Mattoo.

Not everyone wants Nick and Jess to stay together on New Girl.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[a] day after being stripped of his mayoral powers, Rob Ford has lost his Canadian reality TV show.  Sun News Network on Tuesday canceled Ford Nation after its debut episode aired Monday night, according to the Globe and Mail newspaper."

Patton Oswalt will host the American Spirit Awards and killed it last night on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Bill Murray has joined the cast of HBO’s Olive Kitteridge, the miniseries based on Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.  He also killed it in the premiere of Amazon's Alpha House.

Thoughts and musings from Mindy Kaling: "When I was a kid you would go home and everyone would be watching the same episode of The X-Files or Friends, and the next day in school you’d all gab about how scared you were or how much you wanted to lose your virginity to David Schwimmer. Now no one watches any scripted television the actual time it’s on, and it doesn’t matter anyway because TV's basically all singing competitions."