Tuesday November 19, 2013

Howard Stern is returning for one more season of America's Got Talent.  He made that announcement this morning.

Really quickly on the Sunday night dramas, Homeland was great and hopefully those who have been panning it of late will shut up.  The Walking Dead, eh.  I lost interest this week early on.  I appreciate the need to show the back story of what the Governor has been up to, but just get him inside the prison walls already.

Moving on . . . Esquire premieres a couple of new shows tonight.  The first is Risky Listing, described as follows: "Go behind the velvet rope and enter the exclusive, intensely competitive world of New York nightlife real estate with the high-end listings agents determined to find and sell the Big Apple’s next “It” spot. Follow along with the agents as they cut deals for the hottest bar, restaurant and nightclub spaces -- and try to stay on top in the city that never sleeps. The playground of New York’s coolest crowds may be their office, but in a cutthroat business, with millions on the line, can they close the deal before last call?"

The second is called White Collar Brawlers which the network describes as follows: "We’ve all daydreamed about it… Taking down an obnoxious colleague or pummeling a workplace rival. White Collar Brawlers makes these dreams a reality. In every episode, two office adversaries push themselves to the limit, learning to box from some of the sport’s most hardcore trainers. As they prepare for a final bout, these fighters will discover that true victory isn’t decided in the ring, but in the journey that takes them there."

They are really doing yeoman's work over at E!  "In an exclusive special, E! goes behind the scandalous headlines, tabloid covers and over-the-top rumors of one of reality television’s most Infamous couples when After Shock: Heidi & Spencer premieres Monday, December 9 at 10:00pm.  The hour-long special features the former prince and princess of reality television sitting for an exclusive in-depth interview, examining their past attention-grabbing exploits, the ups and downs of their very public personas and revealing their plans for a family.

"Over the past 5 years, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (aka: 'Speidi') went from being on top of the world as the villainous stars of the reality series, “The Hills,” to living a quiet, suburban life in Santa Barbara.  In their prime, they were The Talk of Hollywood with their image splashed across magazine covers each and every week, lavish $10,000 a day shopping sprees, Heidi’s extreme plastic surgery choices and paparazzi following their every move.  They had the money, cars, the fame and all the trappings that come with celebrity, but when their show went off the air, their empire came crashing down. 'The second [The Hills] ended, in 2010, the jig's up. Now you're irrelevant.  Your fifteen minutes are up,' Spencer tells E!"

HIMYM is absolutely unwatchable. Last night's episode was excrutiating.  Zabka-tage?  How many episodes left until we are put out of our misery?

Workaholics' Adam Devine took part in a Reddit chat.  

Per Deadline, "ABC has landed hot Israeli talent competition reality format Rising Star. The network has given a 10-episode order to the series, which will air next summer. Rising Star is the first hot international singing format to hit the U.S. since The Voice

"Interactive talent format Rising Star has been a hot property since its big launch in Israel earlier this fall, which broke ratings records on Keshet Channel 2, scoring a 49.4% household share. It was one of the hottest commodities at the recent MIPCOM market, hailed as a potential next generation American Idol and The Voice. 

"The live talent show for the first time incorporates real-time voting by viewers via an App that is fully integrated into the show. Unlike traditional talent competition series that start off with taped auditions, Rising Star is live from the very beginning, with contestants auditioning with live performances. In every round, viewers vote via the show’s App in real time during the performance, along with the judges, to determine if the singer will advance, which happens if he/she reaches a voting threshold, 70% in Israel. In a twist, the performer is separated from the studio audience and the judges by a translucent floor-to-ceiling LED screen where images of voters at home, taken from their Facebook pages, appear live facing the singer who can see how fast the vote tally is growing during the performance for an immediate feedback, making result shows feel 'antiquated,' as a person close to Rising Star put it."  Pass.

Pretty easy but fun quiz if you're a Seinfeld fan.

Buzzfeed offers up 19 reason why Modern Family's Manny Delgado should be your role model.  Pretty convincing.

Frank Grillo (Captain America) is set to star in DirecTV’s original series Navy St., The show is being billed is a gritty family drama set against the backdrop of Navy Street, a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym based in Venice, CA. Grillo, will play the gym’s owner, Alvey Henderson, a former fighter who never made it big due to a drug addiction but is now sober.  Sounds like the cheap version of Ray Donovan.

I might buy Judy Greer's new book solely because the title is absolutely perfect.  She titled it I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star.

Per Realscreen, "Bravo will debut three reality series in the new year.  The fitness docusoap Toned Up, docu-soap Blood, Sweat & Heels, and the Chicago-set 100 Days of Summer will begin airing in January.

"Produced by Fishbowl Worldwide Media, Toned Up stars entrepreneurial fitness gurus, friends and roommates Katrina Dawn and Karena Hodgson. The pair is behind the successful website ToneItUp.com, which receives 1.8 million unique monthly visitors.  The series will premiere on January 2 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

"The docuseries Blood, Sweat & Heels follows a group of self-starting professionals in New York City as they cross paths while pursuing personal and professional goals. The cast includes video vixen-turned-realtor Melyssa Ford, real estate partner Brie Bythewood, modeling agency owner Mica Hughes, style expert Daisy Lewellyn, blogger Demetria Lucas and pop culture journalist Geneva S. Thomas.  The show will begin airing on January 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and is produced by Leftfield Pictures.

"Finally, Bravo will premiere 100 Days of Summer on January 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The series follows a group of young professionals in Chicago over the course of one summer. The cast, a mix of nightlife characters, real estate moguls and entrepreneurs, includes Vincent Anzalone, Ray Austin, Tara Clack, Phillips Demming, Jay Michael and Pascale Wellin."

Next year's broadcasts of the Final Four will take on a different look. Officials at Turner Sports say that, for the first time in the event's 75-year history, the national semifinals will be carried live by three networks (TBS, TNT and truTV)  simultaneously with each offering a distinct angle/point of view.  In addition to traditional game coverage on TBS, which represents the first time in history the national semifinal games will be televised by a cable network, two complementary presentations will also air on TNT and truTV, with each offering coverage tailored specifically to one of the teams competing in each game with separate commentary and additional camera angles. CBS will then offer the championship game exclusively on April 7.

Tom Cavanaugh will guest on CBS's Blue Bloods, per TVLine. His episode is scheduled for Friday, December 20 at 10p.  After a guest spot on The Goldbergs last week, it's making more and more sense as to why he and Mike haven't eaten snacks together in quite some time.

Richard Branson has a good life.