Friday November 15, 2013

Has The Daily Show become a bigger launchpad for stars these days than Saturday Night Live?  Variety makes a pretty strong case here: "[w]ord that John Oliver has scored his own topical comedy show at HBO — a development that seemed inevitable, somewhere, in the wake of his successful fill-in stint for Jon Stewart — follows Stephen Colbert’s spinoff; Steve Carell’s stand-alone stardom, first on The Office and then in features; and Ed Helms’ similar career arc. Others, including Rob Corddry and Rob Riggle, have also been in pretty constant demand, with plenty of Children’s Hospital fans out there, even if Corddry’s Fox show — the unfortunately named “The Winner” — fizzled."

On the flipside, "[i]t’s not like Lorne Michaels has completely lost his touch, with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers slated to become NBC’s one-two latenight punch next year, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler having become fixtures in the comedy firmament, despite their peculiar attraction to hosting the Golden Globes."  Regardless, fun debate.

More on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's antics.  He's the gift that keeps on giving.

From Complex, "[m]aybe you've heard of @ModernSeinfeld? It's a Twitter account devoted to "chronicling" the faux-exploits of Seinfeld's characters in 2013. It's got over half a million followers, and has helped land its creator—former Buzzfeed writer Jack Moore—a gig writing for an upcoming TV sitcom.

"Well, Seinfeld's co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator/star Larry David has finally weighed in on the matter of @ModernSeinfeld, in an interview on ESPN-New York's Michael Kay Show:

Michael Kay: I don't know if you've heard of this, it's actually something called Modern Seinfeld. Have you heard of this?

Larry David: I've heard of it, yeah.

Michael Kay: It's really hilarious. Have you ever thought, when you sit down, how life is different now than when Seinfeld was on, how many different scenarios could be on? 

Larry David: ...No, I haven't really dwelled on that...

Michael Kay: Really?

Larry David: Yeah.

Michael Kay: Well, I'll give you the lightest one they have, okay?

Larry David: Okay.

Michael Kay: [Reading from Twitter] 'Jerry's blind date shows up drunk and heckles the screen during 12 Years a Slave. Kramer creates an app that gives you ideas for other apps.' 

Larry David: ...Nah.

Michael Kay: Doesn't do it for you? [Laughing]

Larry David: No. [Laughs at how bad the Tweet was.] I could guarantee you that show would not get on the air.

Michael Kay: Really?

Larry David: Yes. That does...that does not pass the funny test."

TMZ reports that "The Goldbergs star Hayley Orrantia put a 23-year-old man in ICU with a brain injury recently after T-boning his car at a high speed -- allegedly while taking her eyes off the road.

"19-year-old Orrantia had been filming all night on Sept. 28, the day of the accident.  The other driver's family says she ran a red light while checking the GPS on her phone, and then plowed into Ryan Houghton's car."

Sweet Home Alabama premieres tonight on CMT.  This is the country version of The Bachelorette.  Enjoy.

Food Network premieres On The Rocks on Sunday.  By way of quick reminder, "[a]after opening his own consulting business and overseeing bar and club openings in seven countries, it’s safe to say that John Green knows bars. But if John is coming to your bar it means you are On the Rocks. Luckily for struggling bar owners, it’s John to the rescue. In each episode, John travels to bars around the country to help them keep their doors open and get business back to normal. He assesses the bar’s problems, confronts the owner and lets them know what needs to be fixed, whether it’s newly trained staff or a whole new design, John’s got the answers for what ails the bar."  I've seen this show already.  It's called Bar Rescue.

Evidently, the "rescue" format is still very much alive and kicking.  T Group's church rescue show premiered this week, I spoke to a production company yesterday about a new show that Food Network has ordered called Save My Bakery, and I'm still trying to find a home for my amusement park rescue show.  

Per Vulture, NBC has ordered "twelve episodes of Working The Engels, a single-camera comedy about a family law firm suddenly thrown into hilarious debt after the death of their attorney father. Tony winner and SCTV actress Andrea Martin will play Ceil, the family's 'overly confident family matriarch,' a role which will basically be Andrea Martin's take on Lucille Bluth." 

Per Deadline, "NBC has put in development a multi-camera comedy produced by Bill Lawrence. Written by Dan Lagana, co-creator of the MTV series Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, Stand-Up Guy centers on a young comedian who pursues his lifelong dream of being a working stand-up while juggling the growing responsibilities of being a husband and soon-to-be-father at home."