Thursday October 10, 2013

From The Hollywood Reporter, "DreamWorks AnimationCEO Jeffrey Katzenberg offered the Breaking Bad creators $25 million an episode for three more episodes of the show. His only stipulation was that the additional hourlong episodes be delivered in six-minute installments so they could be watched online via subscription.

"His scheme, he told an audience gathered here for Wednesday's MIPCOM keynote, was to create 'the greatest pay-per-view (event) in scripted television ever.'

"Of course, the $75 million offer for 180 additional minutes of the Vince Gilligan drama was a nonstarter given the way the series ended.

"But Katzenberg, who like millions of viewers arrived at the series late into its run on AMC, relayed the story to illustrate the point that distributors will continue to pay a premium for high-quality content, whether it lives on linear TV or online.

"'There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that millions of people would have downloaded those episodes.'"  Duh.

Here are the highlights from Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Kanye West last night.  It was 25 minutes long.  This is a nice crisp recap.   Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from West from last night:

"I’m totally weird, and I’m totally honest, and I’m totally inappropriate sometimes. But for me to say I wasn’t a genius, I’d be totally lying to you and to myself."

"I refuse to follow those rules that society has set up in the way they control people with low self-esteem: with improper information, with branding, with marketing. It’s about truth, it’s about information, it's about awesomeness. The only luxury is time. The time you spend with your family."

"When people hear my music, they have a good time. And I should be respected as such when I walk down the street ... Don’t try to antagonize me. Because you know what, it’s not safe for you in this zoo. Never think that I’m not from Chicago for one second."

Fantastic tribal council on Survivor last night.  I won't spoil it, but what happened last night should have been the norm and not an aberration.  This season is really shaping up nicely as the Blood vs. Water experiment seems to be working quite well.  I am enjoying the extra layer of strategy.  Bravo for keeping things fresh 27 seasons in.

A friend recommended that I give The Goldbergs another chance and I'm glad I heeded the advice.  If you grew up in the 80's this show is worth adding to your list of weekly watches.  It's well-written, Jeff Garlin (who you already know I love) is fantastic and Patton Oswalt provides the VO.  Check it out.

Per Deadline, "[t]hree decades after Remington Steele launched the career of Pierce Brosnan, the romantic comedy/drama procedural is getting a next-generation reboot, this time as a half-hour comedy. NBC, which aired the original hourlong series for five seasons between 1982-1987, has nabbed the sequel project from 20th Century Fox TV, which owns rights to the show via News Corp’s acquisition of Remington Steele producer MTM. Titled Remington Steele, the reboot follows Olivia Holt, the daughter of Remington Steele and Laura Holt, as she reopens the once-world-famous Remington Steele Detective Agency — only to fall into the same hilarious, action-packed, romantic entanglements of her parents."

As expected, CBS has canceled We Are Men after just two episodes. On the heels of this news, CBS has decided to shake up its entire Monday comedy block. Starting next week, 2 Broke Girls will shift to 8:30 p.m.  Then, on November 4, CBS will bring back Mike & Molly to replace 2 Broke at 9 p.m.

Per Vulture, "USA has green-lit three new cast-contingent pilots, the network announced today. All three seem like they're maybe already on USA? There's the kinda-sorta Royal Pains-y Rush, about a chichi doctor to the rich who likes his hard-partying ways until an ex resurfaces and causes a crisis of conscience. There's another doctor show Complications, from Burn Notice's Matt Nix, about an ER doctor whose life changes after he saves a child who was the victim of a drive-by shooting. And finally there's Novice, which sounds a little like Suits with its impostor setup: Jobless millennial Kyle moves back in with his folks and out of desperation takes a job working for a Korean crime lord — which he discovers has plenty of perks."

I'm all over this one: CORE Media is developing Celebrity Champions, an original format that will see former Olympians coach celebrities – be they dancers, musicians, actors or athletes – in various disciplines. Those will include bars, floor, rings and vault. Gold medalist Mary Lou Retton is attached as the anchor judge on the project which was brought to CORE by Shauna Thomas, Triana Lavey, and 1996 Olympic team member John Macready. The trio will produce Celebrity Champions with CORE. Other former Olympians attached to participate include Shannon Miller and Paul Hamm. CORE is currently talking to U.S. networks about the project.

Here's yet another reason why I do not watch anything on VH1: they have green lit a reality show that follows party girl Big Ang as she opens a Miami outpost of her Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey.

CMT dating show Sweet Home Alabama is returning for a fourth season, Friday, November 15 at 9p.