Tuesday October 8, 2013

Mindy Kaling either has a lot of friends or a lot of people who owe her favors, or both.  "Vulture has learned that Jenna Elfman will guest-star in an upcoming episode of The Mindy Project.  She’ll be playing a crisis-management publicist who “sexually dominates” Danny, which at this point brings Dr. Castellano’s libido into serious question. His sperm is listless; Chloë Sevigny wasn’t able to turn him on; and he hasn’t gotten any since Allison Williams and her eye patch dropped by in the beginning of last season."

Here is a 17-minute video of Judd Apatow interviewing Eddie Vedder.

In case you missed this last week, Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein (who also played in former Pearl Jam touring mate Slater-Kinney) also interviewed the band.

Travel Channel really looks like their grasping at straws with this one:

Chow Masters  -- Chef Sammy DeMarco and best friend/Hollywood director Frank Coraci hit the road to find the tastiest and most creative comfort food in America. City by city, their quest takes them “off the map” searching for the three most innovative and delicious twists on comfort food classics. The chow buddies sample the entries and judge which contender will win a $10,000 cash prize and the Golden Skillet award.

See their full announcement of new and returning shows here

 Here's a behind the scenes look at the making of last week's Top Chef premiere.  Interesting read.

Amy Poehler penned a piece for The New Yorker  if you're curious about the time she spent scooping ice cream.  She makes nice use of the word "Sisyphean."

Count me in for pumpkin spice flavored M&M's.  Or maybe a pumpkin pie donut.

This is a pretty amazing and funny video to promote the upcoming film Carrie.  "Using everything from fake walls, to hidden pulleys, to remote control tables, to even spring-loaded shelves full of books, the customers stopping by this innocent looking cafe have no idea they're about to witness a girl with telekinetic powers lose control after a stranger knocks over her drink."

Oxygen Media announced that it will “further delve” into the tattoo genre,  picking up 
Tattoos After Darkchronicling the “outrageous antics that take place” during the night shifts at two tattoo shops in Los Angeles — House of Ink, in the heart of the Venice boardwalk, and Ink Candy, steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I guess I'm in.

TBS + "the next great workplace comedy" + John McGinley = Winner.  Here's the official description from the network: IN THE BRAND-NEW COMEDY FROM THE CREATOR OF

This one, maybe not so much: TV Land announced a script deal for a workplace comedy about a 30-something woman coping with old-school men and a younger male assistant. Script for the Electus project will be written by Jon Sherman (Frasier).  

caught up on The Voice last night.  Man that show is a serious time drain.  I can usually get through a full 2-hour episode in about 40 minutes, but still, even that's more time than anyone should be wasting on this show.

The finale of HIMYM cannot get here fast enough.  I feel like I'm trapped under a mattress and forced to endure the pain of this show every week (if you can't tell, Monday's are not a great night for TV IMO).

Here's an interview with The Walking Dead  showrunner Scott Gimple.