Thursday October 31, 2013

This is a guaranteed failure.  Deadline reports the following:

"As fans are preparing to say goodbye to one of TV’s most popular comedies, How I Met Your MotherCBS is looking to extend the franchise. I’ve learned that the network is in talks with HIMYM producer 20th Century Fox TV for a spinoff series, which takes a female spin on the original show. Referred to as How I Met Your Father, the spinoff hails from HIMYM creators/executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator/exec producer Emily Spivey

"It would feature a new group of New York friends and chronicle a female member of the group’s quest to meet her future husband. I hear the new characters could be introduced in the HIMYM series finale, and Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin’s favorite hangout, MacLaren’s Pub, may be featured on the new show, serving as a link between the two gangs.  The premise, which is not tied to any of the original HIMYM characters, gives Bays, Thomas and Spivey a clean slate to build new characters and relationships. The trio, who will co-write and executive produce the spinoff, share a background — they all started in late-night and worked on New York-based late-night shows (Late Show for Bays and Thomas, Saturday Night Live for Spivey) before transitioning to primetime comedy series."

If you're a contestant on Survivor and you're competing in a puzzle challenge and you finish first, DESTROY the puzzle so the other contestants can't "cheat" off of you.  This came into play last night and Kat was seemingly morally opposed to looking at either of the other contestant's puzzles.  Here's what Jeff Probst had to say on the matter: 

"Complicated question and answer. Historically we have used them more times than not. But then there are certain puzzles where cheating just doesn’t help because the puzzle is so complicated that by the time you realize what your opponent is doing, it’s too late. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether we use one or not. As to the fairness issue — that comes down to the luck of the draw (we always draw for spots) or in the case of Redemption Island — it’s the order in which you arrive at Redemption. We always fall back on the idea that this is their world. We strive to let them make up as many rules as we can. In the end, how you play the game will determine your outcome as you still have to get people to vote for you in order to win." 

Two Broke Girls is all the rage in China?

Younger teens are shying away from Facebook and this news hurt the company's stock price.  SHOCKING!  If you were 14, would you want to use the same social media network that your mom and dad are on?  Yeah, me neither.   I know, not TV-related...moving along.

Here's Grantland 's Andy Greenwald's TV mailbag.

From TV GuideThe CW is developing a one-hour drama project with the Limp Bizkit frontman [Fred Durst] based on his life:

"The Noise, created by Durst, chronicles the rise of a young artist in the 1990s who escapes a tumultuous home life and forms a wildly popular band with a unique sound. Durst, of course, hit it big with his rap metal band Limp Bizkit, which formed in 1994 and went on to superstardom with hits like Nookie, Break Stuff and their cover of George Michael's Faith.

"Durst is a co-executive producer on the script, while Miles Feld is writing. Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum are executive producers, through CBS TV Studios."

NBC is launching The People Magazine Awards with Dick Clark Productions, celebrating pop culture newsmakers and personalities. "People magazine is the most influential celebrity and entertainment news vehicle in America," said DCP CEO Allen Shapiro, "making them the perfect partner for us to create a year-end awards show recognizing the year's best and most talked-about people." 

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia took a stab at Lethal Weapon 6 last night in what I thought was an epic fail.  This one not the show's finest half hour, but I'm confident it will be back on track next week.

Per Vulture, "ABC is developing The Order, a drama based on Alexandra Robbins's The Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League and the Hidden Paths of Power — except the series will be about a woman (that's allowed now) initiate who grows up to be an FBI officer and has to investigate her own society."