Tuesday October 29, 2013

There are currently 19 talk shows on television?  Here's how Pete Holmes, the latest addition to the list, plans to rise above the clutter.

Saw this link on the talk show saturation article and figured I'd point you to it as well.  It's a sit down interview with Workaholics' Adam Devine who talks about Workaholics , his new show and more.  Re: Workaholics , sounds like a very scientific writing process: "[m]y notes on my phone are just filled with random ideas and lines we can say and, you know, story ideas, episode ideas, possible arcs, everything. We’re always thinking about stuff like that. And even beyond Workaholics, with like movie ideas and whatever. I think it just helps with the creative process to always be thinking of stuff and, at the same time, writing it down because I smoke too much weed for me to remember all that stuff. So, I have to make sure that I write everything down or my dumb stoner brain will forget."

Here are photos of the last two pages of the script of the final episode of Breaking Bad.

"EW has confirmed that Channing Tatum is developing an hourlong reality pilot for A&E that revolves around Saints & Sinners, a Bourbon Street bar/restaurant that Tatum opened with friend and business partner Keith Kurtz last fall. Tatum and Kurtz will executive produce, as will Original Media’s Charlie Corwin.

"Saints & Sinners offers 'food, spirits, music, and a sinfully good time,' according to its website. 'Styled after the famous red-light district bordellos and burlesque halls of New Orleans’ Storyville era, Saints & Sinners is Tatum’s tribute to the city’s ribald, good-time reputation.'”  This might be too trashy . . . even for me.

The Entourage movie is officially a go.   

Ellen Degeneres has a comedy in development at NBC. The project tells the story of a lesbian character who gets pregnant by her straight male best friend.  Liz Feldman  (2 Broke Girls) will write the script and exec produce with DeGeneres and A Very Good Production's Jeff Kleeman.

Variety  takes a few shots at Homeland saying that it has "the worst 'B' plot in the history of quality drama" and "a show without much of a second act."  Seems pretty harsh for a show that, albeit slow at times, continues to entertain. 

Someone is making a documentary about Tom's Restaurant, also knows as Monk's Diner on Seinfeld.

British actor Max Minghella (The Social Network) will play Danny’s younger brother Richie Castellano on The Mindy Project, per TVLine.