Monday October 28, 2013

Former MLB player David Eckstein cut a fake video on the heels of the fake law firm on Parks & Recreation  that contained his name.

Here's your projected cast for the next season of The Challenge on MTV.  Too bad we need to get through another cycle of The Real World  first.  

I checked out the premiere of Come Date With Me on Cooking Channel.  Wow is this some awful television.  It was not easy to make it through the hour, I will never watch it again, and you should heed my advice on this one.

Speaking of awful television, I also watched Secret Princes  on TLC.  As bad is this show is (and Come Date With Me  is worse), I got sucked in and am going to watch again next week.  I think what's most surprising to me is that this is season TWO of this show!  The premise of the show is described as follows: "four royal bachelors are leaving their kingdoms behind and traveling to America on a journey in search of true love. They're on a valiant mission to meet an American princess who will love them for who they are – not for their title or wealth. The setting for their grand experiment? Austin,Texas!

"Ditching their servants, cooks, drivers and staff, the royals take on minimum wage jobs, live in a modest home and learn to dress, act and date like average Americans. With limited means to woo prospective dates, the men have to rely on their charm and wit to find true love."

More Celebrity Apprentice?  Please no.

Netflix wants a 3rd season of House of Cards.  Who doesn't?

If you're still interested in the Scandal blogger scandal about which I wrote last week, here's your follow up.  Long story short, "[a]fter an exhaustive investigation, we have determined that Courtney Pajor is NOT the creator or driving force behind Scandal411, nor do we have reason to believe she had anything to do with the website or twitter account. The fact is, Scandal411 was the brainchild of an ex roommate of Courtney’s, who has no affiliation with ABC or the program."

Fox picked up nine more episodes of Dads, for a full 22-episode order.  WHAT???

MTV picked up Catfish for a third season.  Yes, I still watch this show.

Slate  makes a case for MasterChef Junior as the best reality competition show on TV.  I'm looking forward to the Alexander vs. Jack showdown.

Here's an interview with 9 year-old contestant Sarah Lane. 

If you're curious about Greg Kinnear's new Fox show Rake , look no further.

No reason to apologize Martha Plimpton, Julianne Hough's Halloween costumes warranted her being called a moron

See what network execs have to say about television ratings.  Some interesting thoughts and opinions here.

See how much a :30 spot costs on 91 different TV shows