Friday October 25, 2013

Good news to report.  USA has ordered six more episodes of Suits which will resume its third season in early 2014 following the Olympics. The additional order has upped it to a 16-episode fourth season.  Hallelujah! 

I might actually watch this: David Blaine: Real or Magic, will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.  "After working mainly on stunts since 1999, Blaine recently decided it was once again time to stretch his magic-trick muscles on camera. The twist? He wanted to go into the homes of some of the world’s most famous people to get real reactions. From Kanye West to Katy Perry, Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, George W. Bush, Olivia Wilde, Jamie Foxx, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and more, Blaine spent the past year making some of the most well-known people in the world question what’s real in the comfort of their own living rooms, kitchens, pools, and more."  Pretty impressive cast of celebs.

I watched Scrubbing In  on MTV and fell asleep halfway through if that's any indication as to its entertainment value.

Cooking Channel debuts a new show tonight called Come Date With Me and it describes the show as follows: "Four eligible bachelors compete to win the heart of one woman –– or vice versa –– as they each take her out on fun, adventurous dates, then cook for her in their own homes. The catch? These kitchen Casanovas have to cook for their fellow male suitors as well! Our bachelorette rates each date and dinner, and the bachelor who captures her heart will share $1000 on the ultimate dream date."

I don't follow the Twittersphere around Scandal , but evidently there is some sort of scandal that's just been uncovered.  As reported by TheWrap, "[o]ne of the drama’s top fan bloggers has been revealed to be an employee of ABC and the fandom isn’t happy about it.

"Courtney Pajor, a director of special sales for the network out of its New York City offices, has made herself one of the most influential fan voices on Scandal, two individuals with knowledge of the blogger’s identity told TheWrap.

“'I am 100 percent sure that Scandal411 is Courtney Pajor,' one individual who’s had multiple interactions with the blogger said.

"TheWrap is also in possession of documents that link Pajor to the Scandal411 Twitter account, though the individual who provided them asked to remain anonymous. Under the Twitter account, Scandal411, Pajor had amassed more than 26,000 followers. The account also had a related website,

"Since TheWrap began investigating the blogger’s identity earlier this week, she changed her Twitter account to @GrantForPrez and the Scandal411 website was made private by its owner. Pajor did not respond to TheWrap’s multiple attempts to reach her by phone and social media.  The @GrantForPrez Twitter account has been deactivated.

"Show bloggers and fans have said that Pajor has crossed the line in her exchanges with fans and journalists who don’t share her opinions. The accusations range from incidents as minor as calling other fans 'crazy' and tweeting  “F-CK YOU ATAS”  when Scandal star Kerry Washington didn’t win the Best Actress Emmy in September to attacking journalists,  including TheWrap, all unbecoming behavior for an employee of the network."

I don't watch ABC's Trophy Wife, but this has convinced me to at least check it out on-line.

Here's a Q&A with Scandal 's Joe Morton (who plays Olivia Pope's father).

And here's one with Scandal 's Scott Foley.

Deadline reports that "TNT has greenlighted Wake Up Call (working title), a successor to this summer’s The Hero. The new aspirational reality series comes from the same auspices –  star/executive producer Dwayne "The Rock” Johnson and Electus.  I hear TNT wanted to keep the aspirational theme of The Hero but in a close-ended format that would better showcase Johnson. In each episode, Johnson and his team will make a 4 AM “wake up calls” to a different set of everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives and need help. TNT has ordered eight one-hour episodes for a 2014 premiere."

 Vulture has a great piece about actors crossing over to different series and uses Friday Night Lights/Parentood  and Grey's Anatomy/Scandal  as the prime examples.  

What's with all of these shows from the 80's being revived?  Come up with some original scripted ideas.   Or at least pick some great shows.

Michael Morris bailed on the E! show he was directed over the controversy that he stirred up by kissing Katherine McPhee in public.  He's an idiot, in both regards. 

Cleveland is returning to Family Guy.

I know nothing about this show, but odds are, I'm in.  Workplace comedy Pulling Teeth is in development at NBC. The ABC Studios project takes place in a dental practice.