Monday October 21, 2013

Bravo Homeland.  Last night's twist (and I won't spoil it for you) was great.  Many people seemed to feel like the show was dragging to start the season, although I did not share those views.  I found the Tower of David episode compelling and was amazed at how it was shot.  That said, last night hopefully got those who were losing interest back in the throes of this show.  EW sat down with showrunner Alex Gansa who gives a TON of insight into the first four episodes of this season.  Worth the read if you're caught up.

According to Gansa, here is what we have in store for the remainder of the season: "[w]e’ve got some new characters stepping up to the stage. Sen. Lockhart is coming back. We got Dar Adal as major character now. We got Fara. Quinn is going to be a major character this season. The theme of this season is the cost of being an intelligence offer. We will see that. We’ve already seen that Quinn shot that kid — that’s going to be big part of the show.  This season will begin to pick up pace now. By the time we move into the last five episodes, we’ll be back in breakneck speed again. In the writer’s room, we’ve been playing a long con too."

Evidently, not everyone agrees that Homeland is back in stride.

I stole this link from the Gansa interview, but amen Bill Maher

Jimmy Fallon starts the week of Pearl Jam tonight so tune in. . . and thanks Jimmy. 

Vince Gilligan tackles four Breaking Bad myths here.  FYI, the link is to a video.

Friday Night Lights reunion.

Frasier reunion.

Boy Meets World reunion.

Queer Eye reunion.

Here's a great piece about Aziz Ansari.   

Per Deadline, "[e]arlier this month, I wrote about gymnastics as a possible new frontier for celebrity competition shows, and about buzz that the BBC was readying such a project. The broadcaster has now made it official, commissioning Let’s Get Ready To Tumble. The show will air live in Saturday primetime and feature British celebs teamed with international gymnasts to tackle what are being described as 'never-before-seen, new-to-TV disciplines.' The announcement could mean there will soon be two celebrity gymnastics formats in the international arena. I recently reported that CORE Media is developing Celebrity Champions in the U.S., an original format that sees former Olympians coach celebrities and has Mary Lou Retton attached as anchor judge. CORE is currently talking to U.S. networks."

Edna Ma from Survivor was on Shark Tank on Friday.  It didn't go all that well for her.  Speaking of Shark Tank , I could watch this show for hours and hours.  The fact that it's on Friday nights has not hurt it, which should tell you how strong of a show it is.  Watch it if you're not already doing so.

James Van Der Beek is returning to How I Met Your Mother.  

 Behind the scenes with The Crazy Ones.

And finally, check out Lara Flynn Boyle.  What the HELL happened to her?