Thursday October 3, 2013

Scandal is back tonight!  Buzzfeed lays out a whopping 51 things to remember heading into tonight's season premiere.  Here are a few more important ones:

-BIlly Chambers is the mole and David Rosen is helping him. 

-Fitz killed a Supreme Court Justice.

-Cyrus showed Fitz the tape of Olivia and Jake. 

-"Mysterious Man" is actually Olivia's dad, which is revealed when Olivia gets into a car and he's sitting in the backseat. 

Vulture asks if we're supposed to root for Olivia and Fitz.  Quite honestly, I'm not sure.   "They don't seem to make each other happy — not the way, oh, Huck and Quinn make each other happy on the show. Fitz and Olivia's relationship is so tortured it's not even fun to watch, and Fitz has been such a sad bag o' bones he couldn't possibly be an active, loving partner to anyone. (Love yourself first, dude! Get some therapy ASAP.) Even though Jake turned out to be in with the bad guys, he still seemed like a more viable, worthy romantic partner for Olivia."

They also sat down with Fitz for a Q&A session

On the set for the final scene of Breaking Bad .  I hope there are BB  links to post every day . . . . 

Andy Greenwald has an interesting post-mortem where he avers, among other things, that "Breaking Bad  did many things well, but what it did better than any television show before or since was police itself. What I mean is that this was a series that monitored its own content with the exactitude and rigor of Gus Fring scrubbing down a fryolator. Breaking Bad was an obsessive-compulsive's dream, a series that took outrageous delight in assigning meaning and motive to the most minor of actions and micromanaging even the smallest detail. There were no wasted movements. There was no extra fat. Any loose ends were tied off into dazzling, unbreakable knots. The series finale hinged on two characters barely seen since the earliest days,4 a poison pill hidden in the fifth-season premiere, and a daydream that referenced a minor speech delivered back in Episode 29. "

People still watch Dancing With The Stars huh?

Per TheWrap, "Spike TV has made its first step into foodie content.  The male-skewing cable network has greenlit its first food series, Frankenfood, for 10 half-hour episodes.

"On each episode of Frankenfood, executive chef Josh Capon travels nationwide as the show pits amateurs and their unique food combinations against one another. The winner gets $10,000 and their dish gets featured on the menu of a popular local restaurant. Capon and Tony Luke jr. will judge."

I watched Super Fun Night on ABC last night . . . and I fell asleep halfway through.  Pass.  The A.V. Club agrees.  Vulture weighs in as well.

 Variety  explains that The Bridge is the revolutionizing time-shifting TV watching.  It's the most DVR-watched show in FX history.  I'm still 2 episodes back.

If you haven't seen any of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, you're missing out.  If you are a fan, here's some good news: Howard Stern is filming an episode with Jerry today.  He was pretty adamant in beating the hell out of Jerry if he drove too fast.  What kind of car do you think Jerry will pick out for his day with the King of All Media?