Friday October 18, 2013

Here's an interesting theory about how How I Met Your Mother  might end.  I'm not buying it, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Earlier this week, I linked to an audio 30-minute backstory about how Brody got to the Tower of David on Homeland .  I don't know about you, but I didn't take 30 minutes out of my week to listen in.  Fortunately, the folks at Vulture  did and they summed it as follows:

"Broadly, Brody’s trip, which was orchestrated by an ex-CIA agent named June, takes him from a shipping boat, where he stayed inside a shipping container for three weeks; to meeting a guy named Philippe, who is 'made of scars' and shaves Brody’s head; to a brothel in Honduras; to bribing customs agents at the Nicaraguan border; to a fishing boat from Panama, where Philippe kills the captain and first mate after they recognize Brody; to his new home, Venezuela. All the while, Brody spends the time lamenting how he’s now portrayed at home: 'Now I’m a pawn. A puppet. A twisted soul broken by war. I didn’t recognize that man. I wanted to scream at all those talking heads.'”  Thank you Vulture .

E! has announced a January 2014 premiere for its previously announced Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills  show.  Per Deadline, "the series, sparked by the Rich Kids Of Instagram  Tumblr blog, takes an inside look at a social circle of uber-wealthy 20-somethings who are armed with black cards, tiny dogs and loads of Louboutins. As the children of some of the most wealthy families and billionaire and millionaire moguls, this exclusive, often dramatic clique of friends, each with their own unique relationships, goals and heartaches, come together to party, play and relate to each other’s distinctive lifestyles. Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills is produced by ITV Studios America in association with Leepson Bounds Entertainment. David Leepson, Gennifer Gardiner and Doron Ofir serve as executive producers."

I watched the second episode of Big Tips Texas last night and I'm very ashamed.  This show is actually an insult to humanity.  The girls aren't terribly attractive, dumb as rocks and nothing really happens on the show.  This week's episode's excitement centered around a marketing event for the bar/restaurant at which the cast works and there was a big cat fight over the swimsuits that the employees wore to the event.  Then another cat fight broke out in a bar and one girl stormed off alone.  Put it this way, this show makes Vanderpump Rules look like it's Emmy-worthy.  It even makes The New Atlanta tolerable.

Here are seven "must follow" TV shows in Pintrest.  Who knew TV shows were even on Pintrest? 

 Franklin & Bash fans dodged a bullet here.

Struggling houses of worship get a "faith lift" in National Geographic Channel's Church Rescue. The new series focuses on three business-savvy ministers who help religious leaders make practical changes that free them up to spread the good word. The series premieres Monday, November 11 at 10p. 

Laura Morett says she was the victim of a bad edit on this week's Survivor

“To all my family and friends: I knew going into this that I was taking the chance of the risk of the “edit” of Hollywood. Tonights episode of Survivor does just that. They have taken a COMPLETELY innocent situation and make it look “Intimate”. Those of you that know me, know my heart and how much I love and value my Faith, my husband & my family, and those of you that don’t, you are going to think want you want, but please know that I would have given that same massage to my sons. So that is why I am so offended by how CBS is implying anything inappropriate. Please hang in there with me, I know it doesn’t make sense now, but it will as the weeks go by. If you think this show has been intense so far…..just wait….the excitement is just about to start. Thank you for all your support. It REALLY means a lot to both Ciera Morett Eastin and myself. Please join Ciera Morett Eastin and myself at Gilgamesh Brewing to watch tonights episode. Thanks again. Keeping the Faith”