Wednesday October 16, 2013

10 TV characters who never change their clothes.  How many can you name off the top of your head? 

Speaking of clothes, check out this amazing graphic of every single piece of clothing that Walter White ever wore

More behind the scenes photos from Breaking Bad .  Keep em coming.

Here's a story on Will Forte's upcoming dramatic role in Nebraska , where he plays a character who "leads his crotchety, misguided father on a road trip doomed to fail, taking him to the office of a scam marketing company that sent him a misleading flyer claiming he won $1 million. Everyone but [Bruce] Dern’s Woody knows that he’s been bamboozled, but the journey is far from a last ditch attempt to assuage a deluded old alcoholic; they roll through the deserted streets of his old hometown, rediscovering family history and the man his dad was before time and booze sent him into semi-ruin."

A kindergarten class in Japan performing DayMan from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? 

Per Deadline , "MTV today announced that it will premiere its docu-series Generation Cryo  on Monday, November 25 at 10 PM. Generation Cryo follows a teenaged girl’s effort to locate all of her half-siblings, fathered by anonymous sperm donor #1096 — as well as and her anonymous dad, with the help of Donor Sibling Registry, a website that says it’s dedicated to connecting sperm donor families. In the six-episode docu, Breeanna discovers she has at least 15 half-siblings, and sets out to connect with them and figure out which ones want to search for their father."

Ruben Studdard won't let anyone touch his "taco meat?" 

Start watching The Mindy Project if you're not already doing so.  I've mentioned this before, but the writing has vastly improved this season and the cameos are amazing.  Kevin Smith had a great one last night and it's always a pleasure to see the likes of Glenn Howerton and Mark Duplass stop by!

Last night, "Mindy found herself seated next to a celebrity when Kevin Smith dropped by The Mindy Project. The actor/director proved he can poke fun at himself by playing himself in an airplane scene. Back in 2010, there was a lot of media buzz about Southwest Airlines reportedly kicking Smith off of a flight because he was "too wide for the sky.

"His quick cameo in the opening moments of Mindy was a big call-back to that incident. Mindy had an aisle seat, hoping that the man of her dreams would sit next to her in the middle seat. Instead, it was Kevin Smith who slipped in. 'I’m alway so worried they’re gonna stick me next to someone skinny,' he said. 'Then I gotta put up with their skinny stink-eye the whole flight.'

“'I’m sorry, sir. I am a petite Asian woman,' Mindy insisted.

“'So am I," Smith laughed." 

The Walking Dead scoop from Andrew Lincoln. 

Hey NFL, take it easy.  The Wall Street Journal this morning strangely buried the possibility of a digital dea

l with the NFL in a story about the league’s interest in selling a new package of Thursday night games.  While the league believes that a cable channel would be interested in a new package, officials “have also considered” selling to “a nontraditional media partner, including online players like Netflix Inc. or Google Inc.” according to an unnamed source. 

Sad story about Catfish 's Michael Fortnuato.