Monday October 14, 2013

Rest in peace Frankie.  You were the first pet I ever loved and you taught me more and gave me more than you will ever know.  You will never be forgotten.   Take good care of Ozzie up there.

Do people really get Columbus Day off? 

 The Walking Dead returned last night to a pretty ho hum episode.  I do not read the comic so the introduction of new characters and on-screen romances was a surprise.  I've been a fan of this show since season 1 and will continue to see it through until the end, but I'm guessing the numbers will be down once the overnights are released.  I might be in the minority as Vulture  opines that "[t]his episode showcased the show’s strengths — suspense, humor, humanity, and, of course, a good old-fashioned undead splatterfest."  You can read that recap here.

EW  talked to EP Robert Kirkman about last night's season premiere. 

They also gained exclusive access to Greg Nicotero's storyboards for the grocery store zombie scene.  Pretty cool. 

I enjoyed last night's episode of Homeland.  The two parallel stories of Brody and Carrie were well-done and I thought the whole Brody story/situation played out extremely well.  Here's what Damian Lewis had to say about last night's show.  He had this to say about the Brody storyline: "I was really pleased actually. They kept using this analogy Kurtz in 
Heart of Darkness. There’s this sense that Brody has gone so far down the river, so deep into the jungle now, that he runs the risk of being left there and just rotting and transforming into this other being who is now living a life of darkness in this other place and with a different reality. I liked the pitch. It was a big workload, but it was fun to do -- though it looks like it wasn't."

If you watched Homeland  last night, you MUST check out these photos of the actual building where Brody is being held in Caracas.  Quick backstory, "Dr. Graham tells Brody about the history of the building. 'They call it the Tower of David,' he says. 'Not for King David, heaven forbid. For David Brillembourg, the particularly egomaniacal banker who commissioned it. Unfortunately, before it was completed, David died — and then the whole economy died. Construction stopped. The squatters all moved in. And voila.'  All of that is factually correct."  

Learn more about the Tower of David here.   I'm not sure why, but I find the whole thing captivating.

Speaking of captivating, this is an AMAZING letter sent to Bryan Cranston by Sir Anthony Hopkins about Cranston's role as Walter White that you should read right now regardless of whether or not you watched BB.  I'm not if I like this line the best: "Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen - ever." or the fact that he signed off as "Tony."  Awesome.

This makes me sad.  Evidently, RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad 's Walt, Jr.) is "hosting" college club parties.  Taking a page out of the book of idiot athletes, Mitte attached his name to a club event offering partygoers the chance to hang with the BB cast member.  See for yourself.

I've really been enjoying MasterChef Junior.  The kids on this show are amazingly talented and a few could give any of the misfit adult competitors on the "adult" version a run for their money.

Speaking of MasterChef, sad news to report as former runner-up Josh Marks evidently took his own life over the weekend.

Per Deadline , "ABC officially announced this morning that on Sunday, January 26, it will reward those viewers who keep watching in the face of all fact, with the franchise’s very first live Bachelor wedding.

"Naturally the happy couple, Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici announced the news this morning, on Good Morning America. 'We have set a wedding date,' Sean revealed, with his fiancee by his side."  Just stop with this nonsense already.  We all know the eventual outcome (sorry).