Friday October 11, 2013

Here's a great piece on the current season of Survivor  talking about whether sexism is slowly killing the show.

It's been a minute or two since we've heard anything from Spencer and Heidi, but according to Buzzfeed , "they're trying to relaunch their careers with another foray into the reality genre, this time with a self-produced web series called SpeidiShow.

"Each episode has the couple trying out a different reality show format, i.e. living in Europe on $0 a day and helping out with a wedding.

"It’s a rebranding strategy perfect for a full-scale return to popularity. The only problem is that it’s not real and they’ve never shot a single scene.

"Although the show’s website posts previews and recaps for each episode, there’s no actual production of a web series. It’s part of something called a netprov (network improve narrative), which is equal parts elaborate internet hoax, improvisational comedy, and performance art. Writers Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig are the masterminds behind the project.

"Marino confirmed to BuzzFeed in a phone interview that SpeidiShow is indeed a part of netprov and that there is no actual show being produced here. As their site says, 'SpeidiShow is Twitter buzz about an imaginary TV Show.'

“'Netprov basically extends what "reality stars" do all the time — only it allows the fans to help tell the story,' Pratt told BuzzFeed via email."  Hahahahaha.

Vulture visited the set of Parks and Recreation and came away with 24 things that they learned while there.  Amongst them:

-Amy Poehler has only seen the first season of Breaking Bad .

-Item 22 on Leslie’s “40 Phases to Success” board, as seen in her office: "Reach out to Bono."  Item 30: "Pump up the volume."

-Nick Offerman lost 30 pounds over the summer by nixing sugar, dairy, and beer. “It’s sort of like a Paleo diet, probably. I’m trying to keep it trim just because the costumes fit a little more comfortably.” 

Per Deadline, Natalie Zea, coming off roles on Fox’s The Following  and CBS’ Under The Dome, has been tapped to star in the Amazon comedy pilot The Outlaws. Written by Jeremy Garelick and Jon Weinbach and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, The Outlaws is about the ins and outs of a professional football team from the perspective of both the players and the back office. It centers on Julie Levine (Zea), the wife of a pro-football team owner who now needs to run the flailing organization after her husband dies.

Only one more season of House of Cards ?  Come on. 

Vulture  points out that there are 13 kinds of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episodes.  However many there are, I'm content.

Andy Greenwald makes the argument that FOX's Tuesday is the new must see TV.  I do not disagree. 

Per Deadline, Justin "Long is returning to the network with a comedy starring vehicle. Long is co-writing and expected to star in the project, which has received a script commitment with penalty from NBC. It hails from 20th Century Fox TV and Jason Winer‘s studio-based Small Dog Picture Co. Written by Long, his younger brother Christian Long, also an actor, and Graham Wagner (The Office), The Younger Man centers on a relentlessly optimistic guy in his early 30′s, a role earmarked for Justin Long, who is happily married to the love of his life, a sophisticated woman more than ten years his senior. While raising their teenage son, the two must endure his mother’s scorn and sideways glances from their community, but they are driven forward by his unspoken mantra 'I’m gonna make you love me.'”

Here's a non-TV story that's just cool:

"Singer Eddie Vedder has been in more of a baseball mood. He flew in Monday night, just after the Pirates-Cardinals playoff game, and had dinner at the Roberto Clemente Museum in Lawrenceville with Steve Blass, Bill Mazeroski, Jason Grill and Sean Casey, who set up the gathering. Later in the evening, Gerrit Cole and Justin Morneau stopped by as well.

"'[Eddie's] a huge baseball fan,' said Duane Rieder, who created the museum. 'He’s a Cubs fan, but he’s rooting for the Pirates all the way now.'

"Vedder stayed at the Museum till 2 a.m. Monday night talking baseball with the pros, and went back to the museum on Wednesday for more wine and conversation.

"'He played his music and told us how he wrote the words for this song and that song,'" Rieder said. 'He talked about who he’s friends with and Obama. His stories are insane. He's just an unbelievable person. I've met a lot of people in my life, but he's one of the most good-hearted, down-to-earth people.'"