Wednesday October 2, 2013

"Suits has tapped Patrick Fischler (Lost, Mad Men) to play a rival of Gabriel Macht’s legal eagle, TVLine has learned.  Fischler’s character, A. Eliot Stemple, is a Harvard Law School classmate of Harvey’s with whom he has a unique (and tense) history.  His episode will air during the second half of the USA Network hit’s third season in early 2014."

 Roy from The Office  is making moves on Julia Braverman (I know that's not her last name but you know exactly who I'm talking about)? 

What's the cast of Happy Endings  up to these days you might ask?  FYI, Damon Wayans, Jr. starred in the New Girl pilot, but had to give up the role in favor of Happy Endings .  Oops.

Walking Dead  fans, this is for you.

Tom Hanks did a Reddit Q&A.  Pretty cool.

I skipped over this earlier in the week, but here are 18 things you might have missed from the Breaking Bad  finale.

Mildly entertaining predictions of what happens to the surviving characters from Breaking Bad.

I had this conversation yesterday, and I'm just about done with The Voice .  Levine's banter with Blake Shelton is so tired and played out and a little birdie told me that Levine isn't exactly the easiest guy to get along with when the cameras are off.  The quote was actually "I've never met a person who complains about being famous more than him." 

We Are Men  is painfully awful, which is a shame because the cast isn't and the premise could have been turned into something entertaining.  Skip this one.

I was going to share a link to an interview with Nene Leakes discussing the pros and cons of being a reality tv star, but I've decided to spare you the agony. 

Instead, here's an interview with Tom Selleck where he talks about mustaches, detectives and avocados.

I enjoyed Stephen Merchant's new show Hello Ladies .  Entertaining and well-written and a nice episode 1 cameo from Sarah Wright.

Mark Wahlberg finally sold his $13M mansion after it sat on the market for 5 years.  Here are some pics if you're curious. 

Who's getting killed off on The Simpsons  this season?

 "TVLine has learned exclusively that ABC this December will untangle and put on display Lights, Camera, Christmas!, a new competition series in which 16 families from across America trick out their homes in ways that would make even Clark Griswold envious — all with their eyes on a grand prize.

"The 16 families — chosen through a nationwide search, based on their previous Christmas light displays, choreography and over-the-top designs — will compete four-at-a-time in weekly playoffs, after being given 21 days to make their homes as merry as can be.

"The four finalists will then be flown to a surprise location (the North Pole? Whoville?) to compete for the best Christmas gift ever, $50,000. The series is produced by FremantleMedia North America (American Idol) and exec producers Brady Connell and Max Swedlow (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)."

Couple of things here:  

1) NOT a TVLine exclusive as I knew about this show last week. 

2) You just MIGHT see a very familiar face as one of the judges so stand by . . . . 

I hope you're watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.   It's funny, has a great cast and should outlast a lot of the other garbage that has been flooding the airwaves this season.

Season 11 of Top Chef  premieres tonight.  They're in New Orleans this season, which I think will be interesting.